Facial Treatments
Each one-hour facial treatment is customized to meet your needs, based on a professional skin analysis.

Whether your skin is dry, oily, congested, sensitive, hyperpigmented
or just needs a pick-me-up, we have the perfect treatment.

All facials include the use of exclusive,
professional strength serums and botanical additives to nourish skin.

Each treatment includes neck, shoulder, face and scalp massage,
along with your choice of hand or foot massage.



Petite Facial
~ $50
The perfect choice for a quick pick-me-up. This fast, yet effective, 40-minute facial begins with thorough cleansing utilizing steam, followed by an exhilarating session of exfoliation. Concentrated boosters and a hydrating mask are then applied using galvanic current to achieve maximum results. Moisturizer and SPF protection are the finishing touch for your freshly purified skin. An ultra-calming pressure-point facial massage and scalp massage are also included.

Boost your relaxation and your treatment’s effectiveness. $15 each.

Hand Paraffin | Foot Paraffin
dermalogica’s ea26

Accelerates the activity and efficacy of dermalogica's professional exfoliants.

The Star Treatment Oxygen Infusion Clinical Treatment
WOW any audience! With the infusion of pure oxygen, The Star Treatment offers a performance that takes center stage. Choose the Mini or Extended Oxygen Refresher Clinical Treatment*. For optimal results, a series of three weekly treatments is recommended.

Mini Oxygen Refresher
This 60-minute treatment is personalized
to meet your specific skin care needs and refine your visage.
Single treatment: $80
Prepaid series of three: $240.
Includes one free take-home serum.


Extended Oxygen Refresher
This 90-minute treatment will further elevate your results
with LED light therapy and hand or foot massage.
Single treatment: $110
Prepaid series of three: $330.
Includes two free take-home serums.

*For clinical treatments, clients remain in street clothes






Relax and enjoy this treatment with the revolutionary facial device that can help you achieve a clearer complexion, brighter and even skin tone, and a more youthful appearance. Let your skin benefit from four proven technologies: Ultrasonic Vibration, Ion Care, Photon Led Therapy & Thermal Heat Therapy.

One Device. Multiple Benefits.
Enhances Product Penetration
Reduces Redness & Inflammation
Stimulates Collagen Renewal
Deeply Cleanses & Gently Exfoliates
Reduce Fine Lines, Wrinkles & Pores
Kills Acne-forming Bacteria


Petite MySkinBuddy Treatment: $70
45-Minute Facial Treatment

One-Hour MySkinBuddy Treatment: $90
60-Minute Facial Treatment


Workshop Treatment

Give yourself the ultimate gift: a glowing complexion. Our workshop treatment utilizes the latest tools and technologies, customized just for you: Derma Disk, Effectiva & Oxygen Infusion.

Without O2 Infusion: $55
45-Minute Facial Treatment

With 02 Infusion: $75
60-Minute Facial Treatment


Professional Peels

Safe, Gentle & Effective. PCA Skin’s professional peels are designed to both improve your skin’s health and enhance its appearance. Each peel is personalized for your specific skin needs, with a trained esthetician selecting the perfect customized formulation.

Whether your skin is affected by acne, pigmentation, fine lines, dehydration, rosacea or sensitivity, professional peels can give it the boost it needs to bring back its vitality. And, because post-treatment care is just as important as the initial treatment in achieving optimum results, your treatment will also include carefully selected products for you to continue care at home.

PCA Skin has been a leading clinical skin care company in the development of professional chemical peels and advanced topicals for over 20 years.

Facial Peel, one layer: $125
Includes Post Treatment Kit

Series of 3 Facial Peels, one layer: $300
Includes Post Treatment Kit and one Trial Size Daily Care Kit

Additional Area (Neck or Upper Chest): $10 ea
Additional Layer: $10
Microdermabrasion: $10



Peel Alternatives

The Detox Gel Deep Pore Treatment* ~ $70
An excellent choice for detoxifying all skin types. An active blend of lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids penetrates pores to dissolve impactions, kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. Leaves skin hydrated, purified and glowing!

Oxygenating Trio* ~ $70
This revolutionary antioxidant therapy corrects and prevents free radical damage, repairing signs of environmental stress. Rejuvenates sluggish, dull, stressed skin.

PCA Signature Facial* ~ $70
This amazing treatment utilizes a total of NINE correctives! Leaves the skin calm, smooth and hydrated. A wonderful choice for all skin types, and a great opportunity to sample PCA’s active serums.

*May be used on pregnant and lactating women, with physician’s consent.



Body Care

Therapeutic Back Cleanse ~ $70
Focusing on the hard-to-reach, often neglected areas of the back, this nourishing and detoxifying treatment consists of thorough cleansing and exfoliation using sea salts and enzymatic sea mud. Included in this pampering treatment are a relaxing back massage and reviving foot massage.

Peppermint Foot and Leg Massage ~ $35
Send those tired, over-worked feet and legs straight to heaven! This 30-minute treatment is both stimulating and relaxing, with lasting benefits for hours to come.

Tinting Services

Lash or Brow ~  $15
Both  ~ $25

Waxing Services


  • Brow Shaping ~ $20

  • Lip or Chin ~ $8

  • Half Arm ~ $20

  • Full Arm ~ $30

  • Half Leg ~ $30

  • Full Leg ~ $55

  • Underarm ~ $20

  • Back ~ $35-55

  • Bikini: Standard ~ $25

  • Bikini: French ~ $45

For your safety and comfort, please avoid:
Waxing services two days prior to or during menstrual cycle. Tanning or sun exposure prior to or immediately following waxing. Exfoliation or abrasive cleansers on the day of waxing.

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